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Waiting for Smith


I’m Harry AKA Waiting for Smith.
I travelled across Cuba for 2 months on a motorbike and learned to play the maraka, moved to Paris learned French , became a ski instructor, learned Russian, broke my back, died for 5 minutes, came back to life, realised I wanted to do music, struggled with mental health and thoughts of not wanting to be here, moved to Amsterdam, learned Dutch and healed those struggles, went to South Africa for 4 months in pursuit of happiness & healing, returned full of joy and realised I wanted to make music for people like YOU to feel more joyous, free, light and loved. Hey, I believe in you! 

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Waiting for Smith


Thanks for taking the time to read more.

The reason I do music is spread joy: and after my accident in The French Alps

I re-awoke to the idea that firstly I should pursue music and secondly that music could be a new way to positively re-program the mind into a lighter, more free and more joyful state of existence.


This is what the Raised Up album is all about. It’s mission is to help people raise up to become there best selves or simply to remember who they actually are - beautiful beings with hearts full of compassionate love & joy.

The positive messaging movement I feel will be the next radical shift in the music industry: where people move away from writing about heartbreak, depression, sadness, regret and sexual desire. I

nto singing about Joy, presence, laughter, lightness, gathering, happiness, family and love.

YOU are part of this future and this music has found you for a reason. 

Welcome to your new state of existence

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